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About Me & My Mission
I am an entrepreneur in the beauty industry.  I have been into cryptocurrency for a year, in the first few months I was scammed a few times. I made a few horrible investments into junk projects and coins. I made the mistake of following several misleading youtubers, and I mishandled some of my passphrases and keys. I can honestly say, I learned Bitcoin (BTC) the hard way!!! In spite of these issues, I decided to keep going. My children were very excited about Bitcoin, and they wanted us to get involved. I knew people were actually making money. I decided to stop, and conduct my own research to figure it out.

As I began to do my own research, I found less and more informative youtubers to follow, and the concept of Bitcoin began to make since to me. I figured out how to get started free, how you can ultimately turn it into stable passive income, and have fun doing it!! I wished I had this knowledge and information when I started to avoid the unknown, confusion, and mistakes.

The market is very volatile and can be intimidating, as a result it causes a lot of misconceptions about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. The misconceptions are why I decided to create this class. My mission is to teach anyone who is interested how to get started safely, and with the proper direction. 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is changing lives and securing financial freedom for people world wide, it has the potential to become a successful Universal Currency, which is needed. In order for the market to continue to gain value it requires adoption, the more it is used, the more valuable it will become. Coinbase has 21 million people using their platform alone, I really don't think
cryptocurrency is going away.  

Bitcoin is a positive financial entity; however, it does come with negative issues such as, hackers, scammers, and cheaters. It is unfortunate; however, it can be avoided by research and properly securing your accounts.

I believe in having a decntralized financial system. I love the idea of removing banks, being my own bank, and being in control of my own hard earned money. I truly believe the greed of the wales will eventually take over and make it impossible for the average hard working person to purchase Bitcoin. I think everyone should pay attention to what's going on with our financial system around the world. Research how many governments are using Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to build a better and more stable economy for their country. 

I want to share this free information to make it easier for everyone interested in getting into the Bitcoin market. Get involved, secure your future, and don’t miss out on the next Bull Run for Bitcoin. It reached $20,000 per coin in December 2017, I am sure it will surpass that in the near future.

This class does not end in asking you for money, or to invest a dime, it simply teaches you Bitcoin and how to get Cryptocurrency absolutely FREE!

I am not a financial advisor, I will not instruct you to invest your money into anything. I will share my knowledge, experience, and assist anyone in any way that I can. I am not an expert, and I am still learning. I am a true believer in self education, I am eager to share anything positive, and I am open to anyone who wants to share knowledge with me as well. My Youtube channel is an open forum for updates, discussion, and sharing valuble information in the Cryptocurrency market.